Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Quit Toxic!

Watch live video from cardplayer on Justin.tvSome people can not handle peer pressure. Hydroxic became victim of that pressure last night on the East Coast Vegas show. To prove to chatters that she is not fat she put on some skimpy clothes and then flashed her ass. Cardplayer replayed the drama on his channel today. Hydroxic is proving to be quite toxic... with her constant showing of thong pictures and an occasional flash to keep the viewers flocking. Being popular is so hard these days. cardplayer hydroxic


Card Player said...

I linked u guys to my blog, would appreciate the same in return good luck. BTW I broadcasted her loop on Ustream & JTV simultaneously i got up to 70 viewers on jtv and 110 on ustream go figure.

IdleTalk said...

we linked u